Save Money By Ordering A New Mattress Online

For those willing to take a leap of faith and order a mattress sight unseen online, there are savings to be had. New companies manufacturing memory foam mattresses and selling them directly to customers online eliminate the middleman. They sell the mattresses for less and offer a long sleep trial and warranty to reduce customer risk. But, all memory foam mattresses are not of the same quality or offer the same comfort level. Consumers should first study online mattress guide sites such as Ted & Stacy’s Mattress Guides.

How Do Online Mattress Guides Help?

Customers can’t try out these mattresses before ordering, but the mattress buying guide sites do. They test the mattresses, compile industry information and ratings, and gather customer feedback on many mattresses. They compile lists of pros and cons for each mattress model and company. They compare prices with features to come up with the best buys. When a person looks at the ratings, lists of pros and cons, and overall summaries for each kind of mattress, it helps them pick the best mattress for their budgets and requirements.

Ratings For The Lull Mattress

The Lull Mattress is highly rated for comfort, motion isolation, cool sleeping, lifespan, price, and warranty. It comes in a medium firmness in all standard mattress sizes. It comes in a box about the size of a mini-fridge. Once it is unpacked on-site, it expands to its final size. It will have a slight chemical smell that will dissipate in a few hours with a window open.

This mattress is comprised of three layers covered by a handcrafted cover. The top layer is 1.5 inches of gel-infused memory foam that provides pressure relief and pulls heat away from the sleeper’s body. The second layer is also 1.5 inches thick and serves as a transition layer for even weight distribution. It is made of a combination of premium foams. The third layer is the foundation layer and is 7 inches thick. It is made of premium polyurethane foam. It is denser to provide support and strength to the mattress.

The 100 night trial period and the 10-year warranty are good features. This mattress can be used with a solid or slatted platform bed, directly on the floor, or on any smooth, hard surface. The cover can be removed for cleaning, but it is a good idea to use a mattress protector cover. For other information, go to the website.