Discovering Specifics of New Generation Mattress Companies

There are mainstream brand names, such as Sealy, Posturepedic, and Sleep Number, long associated with high-quality and supportive mattresses. People are familiar with the names, have been sleeping on the products for years, and know exactly what to expect. They have also had the opportunity to visit a showroom and lie down on the display mattresses to select the one that is perfect for their exact needs. Many newer companies manufacture mattresses that are only available online.

What That Means

People will not have the chance to try out these mattresses before buying one. To counteract that issue, risk-free sleep trials are offered. These will vary in length and terms. Some sleep trials are for ninety-days, while others are for one-hundred nights. The Nectar company offers a one-year sleep trial. Customers are provided the opportunity to try out these brands in their homes with the option to send the mattress back if they are not satisfied.

Most of these memory foam mattresses will arrive rolled and packaged in a box. It will take anywhere from overnight to three days, once it is unwrapped and laid out flat, before the mattress is in perfect condition for sleeping. This can be slightly inconvenient, but the method drastically reduces the pricing of the mattress. An odor may be present at first, but opening the windows will quickly eliminate that issue.

Research Online

The best way to discover details of newer companies, and compare products, is to research memory foam mattresses via review sites, blogs, and official websites of each company. It is wise to begin with blog sites dedicated to mattresses to narrow the possibilities for consideration. Review summaries, side-by-side comparisons, and materials used are outlined in easy-to-understand posts. There will also be links to official websites that will save time and effort for browsers.

One example of a new generation mattress company available online is Tuft & Needle. The mattresses are manufactured using a high-density polyurethane foam (polyfoam) that is developed with a proprietary adaptive foam technique. This material is a fraction of the cost of latex or memory foam and maintains support for the natural position of the spine to prevent back and neck pains. The product is completely made in America, affordable on any budget, and comes with a one-hundred-day sleep trial.