3 Factors to Consider When Buying Feather Pillows

A feather pillow is the type of pillow filled with feathers from duck or geese or even both. Such pillows contain a small down filling of 5 percent and a feather bulk amounting to about 95 percent to enhance firmness. They are originally oblong-shaped, and they will always be available in different sizes. The trusted place to look for feather pillows today is online. However, it is challenging to get the right type of pillow due to the different varieties in the market. Below are the guidelines to make the right choice.

The Type of Feather

Pillows are commonly made of either goose or duck feathers. Pillows made from goose feathers are processed from back or wing feathers of geese. Such pillows have pure colors, solid white, which makes them more beautiful. Although the cover disguises its color, the white shade beneath is usually apparent. Duck feathers are slightly off-pure white, but that should not make any difference if one has a pillowcase or cover. They are also not popular like geese feathers because the price is so similar yet the quality is considerably low.


When choosing a feather pillow, one will want to ensure its softness or firmness, which determines the kind of support that is provided when sleeping. Pillows with too soft bodies will provide little support, while too firm pillows will likely leave you with pain. Generally, a feather pillow is always medium-soft, which makes it suitable for neck support when compared to other pillows.


Pillow covers similarly count as the most important factors to consider when making a purchase. Covers contain the filling, which the head, neck, and shoulders will be in contact with when sleeping. Thus, a recommended cover should have 100 percent cotton plus a thread count of 200. Other alternatives factors would include having a good combination percentage of polyester and cotton.

On paper, pillows, weather down or feathers, have similar specs. However, the qualities always vary due to several factors including the size, material, firmness. In particular, a feather pillow should be made of high-quality feathers, and the ratio of feathers to down filling should be as recommended to offer the best comfort.